Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Few Updates

Phew. A whole lot has happened since we last posted! Some points of note...
  • I (Sheila) have officially completed my J.D./C.N.M.!! I haven't really been able to process the fact that I'm done, simply because life has just been so busy! With loan counseling, fellowship applications, meetings, major cleaning and housework, celebrations, parties, etc., I feel like I haven't had a minute to breathe! Although I always get guilty before a vacation, I'm so glad we're going away. It forces me to take some time to breathe and recoop before starting bar exam prep.
  • Joe is still working away. Anyone who knows Joe well knows that he never does work halfway, especially when it comes to school! Studying tires him out, but I think he enjoys learning, which is one of the things I love most about him. He inspires me to thirst for knowledge!
  • We've finished a series of unintended projects at home! The bed thing ended up being a lot more work than we expected, including reorganizing our whole bedroom, getting new sheets, makeshift nightstands, etc... Then we found two very gross but fairly sturdy bookcases on the street! Once we brought them in, I had to paint them asap just to get them out of the way. A few "improvements" are below :) Being at the same apartment for awhile has made little changes and improvements feel special!Bookcase #1
Bookcase #2
New Bed ...+ Sheets that fit!

  • The Cavs! Watching the finals is exciting - we really hope we can go all the way, win the whole thing, and bring Cleveland some joy and some positive publicity! I just hope that graduation and vacation don't make us miss out on any really crucial games... Then again, it's no fun to watch painful season-ending games... Not that there will be any ;-)
  • We're moving this site over to wordpress soon, courtesy of my bro! I'm looking forward to having a more unique design and an easier formatting process! We'll keep you posted.


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