Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Wow, we've been behind in posting. We're enjoying our break in Potomac, Maryland. Tomorrow we are headed out for not-so-sunny-and-warm cruising for a week! Here's our home for the next week, sailing from Baltimore, MD to Orlando, FL and the Bahamas:

Anyway, it's been great seeing some year-in-review blog posts and photos! Hopefully we'll get a decent post done soon, along with some New Years Resolutions. Thus far, the year is off to a great start... stereotypical resolutions aside, we are already feeling the need to rely on God deeply and faithfully this year. We are hoping that this year's events will include:
  • Sheila's graduation
  • Joe's second (hopefully awesome) legal job
  • Joe and Sheila's MPRE (professional ethics exam)
  • Sheila's Ohio bar exam (all three days of it...)
  • Joe's last birthday of his 20's
  • Our third wedding anniversary (and sixth year together!)
  • At least 4 weddings of dear friends - including another stint as a bridesmaid for Sheila!
  • Sheila's first permanent, full-time job
  • Sheila's swearing-in as an attorney
  • Our first law school student loan payment :-(
  • A highly unlikely move from the Lovenest in Little Italy
  • The birth of our first child (JUST KIDDING!)
It will certainly be a roller coaster year. So, we're kicking off the New Year with a bang. We can't wait to spend 2010 with you all. Bon Voyage!

Joe & Sheila

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a really eventful year for both of you!