Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh when the Saints go marching in...

Geaux Saints!!

This year we are both so pumped for the Superbowl! I (Sheila) have to mention that New Orleans has a special spot in my heart for several reasons. A dear cousin of mine is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. She actually worked for the Superdome, which housed over 26,000 people when Katrina hit! It's easy to forget about the mess there, but one of my classmates at the Mandel Center worked for Habitat restoring and building homes in New Orleans, so it comes up often. Thinking about Cleveland's smaller downfalls (bankruptcy, river on fire, massive layoffs, etc.) and knowing how long and hard it is for us to bounce back, I truly believe we all need to root for New Orleans' survival and growth as a city. A football team can play a huge part in that effort. We hope to see all of you who are in Cleveland at our Superbowl party in a couple weeks!

Superdome After Katrina


  1. You wrote this post and not Joe?! Holy cryap!

  2. Okay did you reaaaad the post? It's not really about sports, it's about what a big win can do for the struggling city of New Orleansssss!

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    Its all for a good cause!