Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ahhh, I love to decorate! Hence the constant additions to our apartment, despite the fact that it'd probably be a lot more 'chic' with a little less kitsch. I gotta be honest though, I love me some good kitsch! (Not in a TGI Fridays way or anything...) I'm hoping that when we have a bigger place one day, the stuff will all get spread out so it color-coordinates in some way. Or maybe not.. I love color!

So I was inspired by the absolutely gorgeous apartment of the couple in P.S. I Love You (one of my favorites for a nice romantic sob-fest and a lovely depiction of Ireland). I don't think there's a name for my favorite decorating style - but this fictional apartment is it! And much to my delight, there is actually a blog that deconstructs rooms from films and television - and tells you where you can find the decor (..even if no one can afford it)!

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