Wednesday, March 3, 2010

House Parties for Products?

Oh my gosh... I just found this online - it's a program/deal where we would host parties in which we promote certain products at house parties and in return we and our guests receive free products and promos! :) Now I wouldn't host a party for just anything... (achem... Poise diapers for women with leakage Party?!? This is actually an option...), but if I believe in a product, I would definitely be willing to set up a totally sweet party and bask in the free products!!

I applied for the Green Earth party, which promotes green living and eco-friendly toilet paper and paper towels. I am all for living green, but these products tend to be super-expensive and not-so-comfy! In fact, there was a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about the discomfort of eco-friendly toilet paper ;-) But I would definitely be willing to try out some affordable eco-friendly products! If we are selected, we would receive and distribute a number of products like free samples of toilet paper/paper towels, reusable shopping totes, coupons, and more :)

What do you guys think? Would you go to this kind of a party? What about a party for another product or product brand? Is it cheesy/sleazy?

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