Monday, April 19, 2010

Now, seriously...

Joe and I celebrated my last day of law school classes by making a little trip to buy a frame and headboard for our new bed ... Guess where we went?

Hmm... Any ideas as to where we bought our bed frame?

Where could we possibly be with such tacky statues?!?!

Thaaaat's right! Norton Furniture!! We negotiated our purchase with Marc... He actually said, "Make me an offah!" in that sly, raspy, creepy voice!
Then they took a picture of us and put in on the wall with over 40,000 other customers!

His name is Marc, and we could count on it!


  1. Yes, I documented it thoroughly primarily for you! :) The store is about 10 times shadier and cheesier than you could imagine. I heard Marc's voice from behind me and his voice put my heart in my throat! SO creepy! He told Joe, "Make me an offah." We were starstruck!

  2. Oops I already said that. It was very exciting.

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