Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just a couple shots from Olivia & Thomas' Wedding...

My personal favorite. They look beautiful.

Dancing at the Reception

The Gents

(courtesy of © 2009 Kenneth Clunk)


  1. I absolutely love these pictures! Especially the one of you and Joe! It's looks so intimate, and you guys look so in love :). It's a beautiful picture :)

  2. I also like these pictures...especially the one with ME! hahaha j/k j/k

    But yea, good choices =)

    I can't believe that was over a month ago!

  3. Thanks! :) I am happy to have a nice pic of Joe and I by a more 'artsy' photographer. We've been wanting to get nice photos taken for awhile since our wedding ones stunk.
    Mike, I knew you'd enjoy that one of yourself.. Especially since you and Joe look especially alike in that picture! ;-)