Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome, October!

Ah, the "weekend". I've been hacking away at my Business Associations midterm all day long while Joe hacks away at a practice bar exam for class. I can't wait until we are no longer students, but Joe feels otherwise. Perhaps I'll ask him again after he's done with his practice exam ;-)

Anyway, we're working hard to get this all done so that we can enjoy a Haunted House this weekend! Who doesn't love the joys of the fall? I've got most of my decorations up, we're looking forward to attending an Oktoberfest, and we're thinking about dressing up as the Gosselins. :-p Who'd like to see me in a reverse mullet?! Or worse, who'd like to see Joe in an Ed Hardy shirt? Blech.

Anyway, this link on has a great list of haunted houses, hay rides, and pumpkin patches in the area! However, nothing beats this hilarious haunted house website - The Haunted School House and the Haunted Laboratory! Apparently it's the oldest haunted house in the country! Let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

If we can't go, we will likely comfort ourselves with a horror movie and I'll make this double-decker pumpkin-caramel pie. Wow. Mine won't look as good as Rachael Ray's.


  1. The pie looks DELICIOUS (peanut butter and chocolate, one of my FAVS as can be evidenced by my love of Reese's cups). The haunted house website looks cheesy :). But I appreciate cheesy. I still don't know if I would go. Haven't been to a haunted house yet and I still don't know if I ever want to go to one. I think if I did go with people, instead of the haunted house being entertainment, I would become the entertainment of the night as I become scared of everything and anything that moves :P

    Oh and as for being the Gosselins...hmmm, I'd have to get back to you? :P

  2. Ah! Truth be told, it's chocolate, pumpkin, and caramel! No peanut butter, although that sounds great too! We didn't end up going to the haunted house - we went to see Rosemary's Baby at the Cedar Lee (it was part of the cult classic series). But haunted houses are really fun! You're never in any real danger, but it gives you a great rush- you should go! We'll probably go to one when we spend the night in Niagara Falls over fall break :)