Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Card!

We're picking a photo for our annual Christmas card, and we're having trouble deciding. Help us! You can either comment an answer or you can take our poll to the left! Just let us know if you do both so we don't double-count the votes ;-) You can click on the pictures to make them bigger. Thanks!! And of course, you will all get Christmas cards!

Contender Number 1

This photo was taken by the lovely Stephanie and the Thanksgiving Feast. I loved the fuzzy white chair and the green wall, so I thought it'd be fun for a pic - plus I dressed us up in hopes that we'd get a good Christmas shot! Thanks Steph!

What we like: Beautiful colors and a nice, happy-looking shot. I think we look best in this pic.
What we don't like: Indoors and not particularly 'winter-y'. And the shadow on my hair makes it look like I have very large hair. I asked Joe whether he noticed the shadow, and he said he didn't... so I asked him if he really thought my hair was that big ;-) (He did.)

Contender Number 2

This photo was taken outside a vineyard in Niagara Falls. It was so much fun to play around in this vineyard and taste the grapes right off the vine!

What we like: The gorgeous greens and the lovely memory.
What we don't like: Sorry, hon, but the sneaks aren't doing it for me. Also, that vine looks like it's about to wrap around Joe's neck and strangle him!

Contender Number 3

This photo was taken outside another vineyard in Niagara Falls that had a great view of the lake.

What we like: Love the green and the slight view of the lake. I think this looks happy and not as staged as the last pic.
What we don't like: No sneaks this time, but I still don't think our outfits are entirely flattering. I wore this jacket in last year's Christmas card. I think I've oversaturated everything because I just love the green!


  1. lol, I dunno why but I found that vine in the second picture hilarious. I just imagine moments after this picture was taken Joe engaging in an epic struggle for his life.

    I probably should have looked at the pictures before reading your comments to see if I would have really noticed the things you said. But I think I like the last one the best. Your clothes aren't super formal, but they seem appropriate for the venue. Like, I think the picture would look weird if you guys were super dressed up in that setting. Just my two cents. =)

  2. I like the third. I like the background and it looks a bit more relaxed and natural.

  3. Is it too late to vote? I was going to say #1. It's focused much more on you, rather than the surroundings. And as you say, you look best in it.

  4. Ah, Andrew, you just tied up the score! Maybe I'll try and reopen the poll. But I do trust your judgment as a very talented photographer :)