Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, the results are in and it looks like #3 is the winner! If you still want to add a vote, please add it to the comments since blogger made me close the poll early. :-(

We had a very nice Thanksgiving (3 of them to be exact). The first was a fundraising dinner with the Christian Legal Society benefiting the International Justice Mission! I was really proud of our exec team for getting this off the ground in a single week with a full meal from Boston Market, decorations, and a raffle. (*Note to reader: If you ever decide cater from Boston Market and bless your party with rotisserie goodness, you will receive the food cold, straight out of the fridge... Not a good thing to discover half an hour before a big party). We raised enough for 2 care packages for victims of slavery and human trafficking!

Next, we had Thanksgiving dinner with Joe's grandparents in Kinsman, OH, about 2 hours southeast. As always, we loved playing with Ginger the dog, and the food was delicious! Finally, we went to Joe's cousin's house, where his mom, aunt & uncle, cousins, and their children all got together for a very nice dinner and some fun. We enjoyed talking and playing some scattergories, and of course, I was showered with love and affection by Joe's little second cousin, our flower girl!

We are thankful for so many things... for God's guidance and love, for each other, for family and friends, for a roof and food and safety, for our jobs this summer, for the opportunity to go to school even through rough times, and for so many other things... Movie nights, little getaways, visits to and from family & friends, the library's unfailing forgiveness of our late fees and excessive checkouts, the food network and its contribution to our palates and tummies, finding great deals, a second car, weddings, babies, our home group, and so much more...!

Now is time for finishing classes, studying profusely, endless pots of coffee and nights at Starbucks and the library, Christmas decorations and music to keep us warm & fuzzy, and, of course, final exams.

Speaking of music, we've been listening to Christmas music from the library and from AOL radio. Anyone have any suggestions? What is your favorite Christmas album/song/artist?

I'll leave you with a shot of Joe with the Christmas tree...

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